December 8, 2013

November 2013 Reads

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87 Visitation Street Ivy Pochoda
88 The Free Willy Vlantin
89 The Alligator Man James Sheehan
90 The Widow Waltz Sally Koslow
91 Lost Lake Sarah Addison Allen
92 Countdown City Ben H. Winters
93 Sea of Hooks Lindsay Hill
94 The Boy Detective Roger Rosenblatt
95 The Dark Road to Mercy Wiley Cash
96 The Weight of Blood Laura McHugh

November was a very good month for reading.  Visitation Street is not a typical thriller or who-done-it; it's an urban opera, with grit, magic, poetry and pain.  An all together satisfying read.

The Widow Waltz is not my normal cup of tea.  I'm glad I cracked this novel open and followed the mystery of the Waltz family and their disappearing fortune.  Kaslow has written an absorbing look at trust and illusion in a marriage.

Lost Lake is a great read.  It right up there with Allen's first book, Garden Spells.  Its a beautifully written haunting story full of secret longings and everyday magic.

Countdown City is the second installation of The Last Policeman series by Winters.  America and the rest of the world's off kilter, morally and ethically, because an asteroid is set to strike and change our world as we know it.  This installment takes place 3 months before the strike is to happen.  I highly recommend this series and can't wait for the third installment.

The Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash is outstanding.  His first novel A Land More Kind Than Home, left me a true fan, I'm pretty sure I will read every book he every writes.  The Dark Road to Mercy did not disappoint.  Two young girls are suddenly orphaned in rural North Carolina, and this is their story.  Read it you'll love it.

The Weight of Blood is a fantastic debut novel.  McHugh is now on my list of must read authors.  I'm going to quote a better writer that I, regarding this novel.  “Laura McHugh’s vivid and enthralling The Weight of Blood centers on a mother and daughter in a seemingly benign yet deeply horrifying small town. It kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last.”—Vanessa Diffenbaugh, author of The Language of Flowers

What are you reading?

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