November 4, 2013

October 2013 Reads

Because she'll do such irrational things as name her children after her favorite characters and quote book lines all over the place in any situation.

81 Close My Eyes Sophie McKenzie
82 Under The Wide and Starry Sky Nancy Horan
83 How To Love Katie Cotugno
84 Foreign Gods Inc. Okey Ndibe
85 Jewelweed David Rhodes
86 Ghostman Roger Hobbs

I don't know where the time went in October, certainly not much went to reading.

I hadn't read Nancy Horan, previously, fictionalized biographies are not my thing.  I decided to give Under the Wide and Starry Sky a try, and I loved it.  It's well written and very worth reading.  The story is very complex about two strong willed and very different people who fall in love.  It'll be published in January, 2014, put it on your to read list.

How To Love by debut author Katie Cotugno, was a wonderful read.  It's geared for YA, but an intelligent YA.  If you love John Green, you'll love this book, too.

Sometimes a book comes into the house, and I hug it,and say, "This is gonna be a great book."  That's what I did with Jewelweed, and I was right!  I loved Rhodes previous book Driftless, and I couldn't wait to dive into Jewelweed.  I wasn't disappointed. It's about challenge, change and redemption involving a great cast of characters.  The story takes place in the same area as Driftless, the south western part of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, one of my favorite parts of our country.

Ghostman by Roger Hobbs was a fun read.  Sometimes you have to have some fun, and this cops and robbers tale was great.  It's not really cops and robbers as much as robbers and a fixer, trying to make things right.

What are you reading?

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  1. Thanks Jan, I always look forward to your list helping me find new authors.


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