October 18, 2010

American Library Association’s READ campaign

Here are some celebrity posters from the past:
David Bowie, 1987

Elvis, 1994

LL Cool J, 1997

Yo-Yo Ma, 2001

Ice Cube, 2005  Ice Cube’s book of choice? The Greatest: Muhammad Ali.

The Jonas Brothers, 2009
Words from the WiseThe AlchemistA Wrinkle in Time. No comment on whether they should count as musicians.

Would these musicians make you want to grab a book, or turn up the volume?

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  1. Jan, you write so many blogs! I had no idea. Usually I visit Murrieta 365 but went to your profile today, as there are a few Jans out there, and saw your works! Good for you!

    I like all the posters, quite a good idea those are, but I lean towards Yo Yo Ma as an inspiration. It's a unique way of getting music lovers to consider the wonderful world of books!

    Have a great day Jan!

  2. I just did some major spring (fall?) cleaning at the library I'm working at now and found the entire 1986 collection stashed away in a closet. I gave away most of them to patrons, but kept the David Bowie one. I'm seriously regretting giving away the Sting one! They're probably collector's items by now...



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