June 14, 2015

May 2015 Reads

May 17 Grace Keepers Kirsty Logan
18 Lamentation Joe Clifford
19 Missoula Jon Krakauer
20 Canyon Sacrifice Scott Graham
21 Junkie Love Joe Clifford
22 And She Was Alison Gaylin
23 Into the Dark Alison Gaylin
24 Stay with Me Alison Gaylin

All good reads this month.  Sometimes I just get lucky!

The Grace Keepers by Logan is a debut novel, always favorite reads, for me.  It takes place after Earth is damaged and people are divided into those who live on land and those who live on the water.  If you loved Nigth Circus, I think you'll love Grace Keepers.  You can tell it's inspired by folk and fairy tales.

Lamentation by Joe Clifford is a knockout! This is an edgy novel that never allows your mind to wander. The character and place descriptions had me right there in New Hampshire, where Lamentation takes place. Joe Clifford is very frugal with his words, each one counts, and the novel is a spare 201 pages of wonderful writing. Jay and Chris the polar opposite brothers, who are at the center of this noir family saga, will stay with me for a long time; much like Kenzie and Gennaro from Lehane's' series.   I loved the writing so much that I also read Clifford's memoir, Junkie Love.

Missoula by Jon Krakauer is well researched and a shameful indictment of the American Justice System, when it comes to women's issues, specifically rape.  It's such a shame that this book is necessary.  One of the most shocking findings, to me, was that female officers and attorneys are well entrenched in the double standard when it comes to charging and prosecuting rapists.  The research took place in Missoula, Montana but really could apply to many locations.

I read the three book series by Alison Gaylin while I was traveling in May.  They are all connected but could stand alone, also.  I would recommend reading them in order, starting with And She Was.  Here's a quote from Lee Child, “The perfect storm; a serious talent hits on a great idea and sparks a wonderful new character we’ll follow anywhere. One of my favorite writers raises the bar—again.”  I can't say it better, so I won't try.

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