March 2, 2013

February 2013 Reads

“A book is an adventure waiting to happen.”

Feb 9 The Vanishing Act Mette Jakobsen
10 Gun Machine Warren Ellis
11 L. A. Breakdown Lou Mathews
12 Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn
13 The Night Ranger Alex Berenson
14 The Movement of Stars Amy Brill
15 Hit Me Lawrence Block

In February, I read a lot of actions books.  Hit Me by Block features Keller, one of my favorite fictional assassins.  This is the fifth book in the Hit series, and I can't wait for the next.  Lawrence Block is a master of suspense.  Gun Machine is a police procedural.  It's Ellis's second novel, he puts his background in graphic novels to great use in this gripping  story.  L.A. Breakdown has a lot of action, of a different kind.  It covers the L.A. street racing culture of the '60's.  An authentic read.

Don't miss The Night Ranger.  It's Berenson's seventh installment in the John Wells series.  Wells is a CIA deep cover operative, and he's a wonderful character.  I'd marry him!

I liked The Vanishing Act and Sharp Objects..  I loved The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill, an outstanding debut novel with a unique, strong woman at the main character.

February was a great month for reading.
What are you reading?

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