February 16, 2013

January 2013 Reads

1 The Woman Who Died A Lot Jasper Fforde
2 Patient Zero Johathan Maberry
3 The Hope Factory Lavanya Sankaran
4 Hard Knocks Zoe Sharp
5 We Sinners  Hanna Pylvainen
6 Ratline Stuart Neville
7 Tenth of December George Saunders
8 Skinner Charlie Huston

January was a great reading month for me.  First, I must admit I LOVE Charlie Huston.  He's a great writer. He's most recognized as a crime writer, but I think he can write anything.  I think he's comperable to LaCarre, King and Stephenson; all great writers, whatever they write.  Skinner isn't being published until July, put it on your list and get it as soon as it comes out.  You're welcome.

Every other book on my January list, except two, is well worth reading.  If you run into Patient Zero, Hope Factory, Hard Knocks or Ratline,  snatch them up and dive right in.  The two I can't wholeheartedly recommend are We Sinners and Tenth of December.  Both were well written, but not my cup of tea.  If you loved them, let me know.  OK?

What are you reading?

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