March 30, 2012

I read a lot.

Pup and Paperback by Molly Poole

I really do read a lot.  I'm a tenacious reader.  I pick up my book and read whenever I have an extra minute or two.  While Bob watches television, my book is open and I'm reading.  Depending on the year, and what's going on in my life, I read between 100 and 150 books a year.

You might think that I read fast; after all,  2-3 books a week is more than most people read.  But, I'm a slow reader, according to the "What Speed Do You Read" test on the website.  Check out your reading speed, here.  This is not a scientific test, just fun.  My rate was 280, the national average for adults is 300.
What are you reading?

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Happy Reading!