January 31, 2011

January 2011 Reads

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I thought I'd post this today, before I forget.  I don't think I'll finish another book, today, so here are my January reads.

1   Hidden Prey   John Sandford
2   Caribou Island   David Vann
3   The Distant Hours   Kate Morton
4   Three Seconds   Roslund & Hellstrom
5   The Year of the Hare   Arto Paasilinna
6   The Source of All Things   Tracy Ross
7   Born to Bark   Stanley Coren
8   Old Border Road   Susan Froderberg

It really was a great month for reading.The Source of All Things is a fabulous memoir; it will be released in March.  Keep your eyes out for it.  I reviewed Three Seconds, below.  After I post this, I'm going to work on a review of Old Border Road.  It's a debut novel and the writing is lyrical.

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  1. Wow you have been busy. I will write these titles down and check them out. I am really enjoying It Rains by Maggie Mckellar at the moment. Lovely to find someone that loves reading, photography and quilting. Look forward to sharing 2011 with you. Charmaine


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