October 1, 2010

September 2010 reads

Here's my reading list for September:

74    Darkness Take My Hand    Dennis Lehane
75    Stolen Horses    Dan O'Brien
76    Sacred    Dennis Lehane
77    The Boys From Little Mexico    Steve Wilson
78    The Mullah's Storm    Thomas W. Young
79    Gone Baby Gone    Dennis Lehane
80    Bad Blood    John Sandford
81    Moonlight Mile    Dennis Lehane
82    The Singer's Gun    Emily St. John Mandel
83    To Fetch a Thief    Spenser Quinn

You can see, I red a lot of Dennis Lehane.  I'd requested the ARC of Moonlight Mile from the published, and I wanted to re-read his 5 book Kenzie and Gennero series, before it came.  I came before I red the last book, Prayers for Rain.  Lehane is the only author I've ever re-read, with the exception of Harper Lee.

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