July 3, 2020

June 2020 Reads

June 42 Olive The Lionhearted Brad Ricca
43 Frozen Tracks Ake Edwardson
44 Bear Necessity James Gould-Bourn
45 Wanderers Chuck Wendig
46 Death Angels Ake Edwardson
47 Pretty Things Janell Brown
48 Even the Dogs Jon McGregor
49 Bikeman Thomas F. Flynn
There are two books on this list that I don't recommend, Pretty Things and Even the Dogs.  The rest were great. 

Olive the Lionhearted is a great biography.   It reads like a novel, which makes it an easy read.

Two more Inspector Winter novels by Edwardson.  I've been sparsing them out because I don't want the series to end.  I think there's two or three more.

Bear Necessity is a delightful debut will be published in August, keep your eyes open for it. It's filled with delightful characters and it's heartwarming and uplifting - what we all need.

Wanderers is a humdinger of a book! Not my usual read, it's sci-fi, and at almost 800 pages, it was very long, plus there was a pandemic! The writing was sharp and the storytelling was tight. It was hard to put down

Bikeman ~ I read this epic poem in 2008, when it was first published. Then, I thought it was the best thing written about 9/11, and I still agree.  I intend to re-read it more often, even if my heart breaks every time. 
What are you reading?

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