December 20, 2018

October 2018 Reads

What are you reading?

74 De Niro's Game Rawi Hage
75 The Big Empty Stan Jones
76 Knockemstiff Donald Ray Pollack
77 Black Cherry Blues James Lee Burke
78 Where the Dead Sit Talking Brandon Hobson
79 The Winter Soldier Daniel Mason
80 Immigrant, Montana Amitava Kumar
81 Jar of Hearts Jennifer Hillier

Knockemstiff by Pollack is full of unruly characters who do things that would make most of us cringe (or gag, faint or run away), but hey, this is Knockemstiff, you gotta do, what you gotta do to get by and it "ain't" pretty, but it is great writing.

James Lee Burkes is a master!  New Orleans Detective Dave Robicheaux is going to be one your favorite characters in fiction. After you read this one, there are many more Robicheaux tales to catch up with. I haven't read them in order and I haven't read them all but the ones I've read have been great.

The Winter Soldier is a gripping read that explodes off the page.  Mason's lyrical and affecting novel about the costs of war and lost love will satisfy anyone who loves good writing.

Immigrant, Montana is part novel, part memoir.  It is as sly, charming, and deceptive as its passionate protagonist, a writer writing himself into being. There are buoyant energy and hilarity to this account of an Indian student seeking the wide world through the women he meets, but one laughs with growing unease as a darker undercurrent is slowly revealed. An unusual, brave twist on the migrant's tale.

What are you reading?

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