July 11, 2018

April 2018 Reads

Apr 24 Rust & Stardust T. Greenwood
25 Agent in Place Mark Greaney
26 Rocket Men Robert Kurson
27 Ascension of Larks Rachel Linden
28 Lean on Pete Willy Vlautin
29 After Ana Lisa Scottoline
30 Buttermilk Graffiti Edward Lee
31 How To Walk Away Katherine Center
32 The Graybar Hotel Curtis Dawkins

These later posts are testing my memory!  There are the books I recommend from April.

Rust & Stardust is the brilliant novelization of the true crime story that inspired Nabokov’s Lolita. Shatteringly original, eloquently written and hard to put down.

Agent in Place is the 7th installment of the Gray Man series.  Usually, I get tired of a series at about this time, not this series.  Mark Greaney keeps the series fresh, and I can't wait for the next installment.

Kurson is a great nonfiction writer and he didn't disappoint with Rocket Men, the story of Apollo 8. I felt very connected to the Apollo program because my husband built the command modules that went to the moon, for the program. (Before he went on the LAPD.)

The truth is, I read Lean on Pete because it's going to be a movie and I was curious.  It was a good read. Willy Vlautin reveals the lives and choices of American youth like Charley Thompson who were failed by those meant to protect them and who were never allowed the chance to just be a kid.

OK, I fell in love in April while reading Buttermilk Graffiti.  It's a cooking memoir and brilliant.  I don't watch TV, so I didn't know anything about Edward Lee.  Read it, you'll fall in love, too.

How To Walk Away, was a great Trans-Atlantic read, for me, and it'd be a wonderful Beach Read for anyone!

What are you reading?

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