December 5, 2017

November 2017 Reads

Nov 70 In the Shadow of Alabama Judy Reene Singer
71 Manhattan Beach Jennifer Egan
70 Deep Freeze John Sandford
73 Rain Dogs Adrian McKinty
74 Two Kinds of Truth Michael Connelly
75 Love That Dog Sharon Creech

Another good month of reading.    The only book I don't recommend is Love That Dog unless you're a child.  It's a great children's book.

Probably my two favorites on this list are Deep Freeze and Rain Dogs.  Deep Freeze because Sandford is a wonderful writer and Virgil Flowers is my favorite of his characters.  When Sandford writes I can picture just what he's talking about, and I bet if I traveled to Minnesota, his domain, I'd find everything just as he says.

Rain Dogs is the next to last installment of the Detective Sean Duffy series, set in Belfast during the troubles.  Sean Duffy ranks right up there with Virgil Flowers in my ranking of best-loved fiction characters.

In the Shadow of Alabama is a family tale, Manhattan Beach is about a woman breaking barriers and Two Kinds of Truth is the latest Harry Bosch installment.  All three of these were hard-to-put-down wonderful reads.
What are you reading?

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