July 10, 2016

June 2016 Reads

June 27 Everybody's Fool Richard Russo
28 I Refuse Per Petterson
29 My Name Is Lucy Barton Elizabeth Strout
30 A Great Reckoning Louise Penny
31 News of the World Paulette Jiles
32 A Drink Before the War Dennis Lehane
33 Prayers for Rain Dennis Lehane
34 Darkness, Take My Hand Dennis Lehane
35 Gone, Baby, Gone Dennis Lehane

As you can see, I re-read four Dennis Lehane books this month.  This reading took place while I was traveling.  Dennis Lehane tops my list of favorite authors.  I re-read the Kenzie and Gennaro series every couple of years.  I finished the series in July after I got home.

A Great Reckoning is the first book I've read by Louise Penny.  I heard her speak at Book Expo America this year, I liked what I heard and thought I'd give her book a read.  It was a great who-done-it.  Her writing was clear but kept me guessing.  I highly recommend this book.  It's the 12th in a series, and I bet they're all great.

News of the World by Paulette Jiles is a great read.  A 10-year-old girl, who was stolen by a Kiowa raiding party, needs to be returned to her only living relatives, and aunt and uncle she doesn't know.  The man for the job is Captain Kidd, (I kid you not!)  This tale is well written and seemed to be historically and geographically correct.  The characters are filled out and fully human.  I'm not going to give the story away, but I hope you'll read it when it's released in October 2016/

What are you reading?

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