April 13, 2015

January and February 2015 Reads

2015   Book Author
Jan 1 All the Old Knives Olen Steinhauer
2 The Laughing Monsters Denis Johnson
3 The Mermaids Singing Val McDermid
Feb 4 The Valley John Renehan
5 The Perfect Game Leslie Dana Kirby
6 The Alphabet House Jussi Alder-Olsen

Talk about a weak start to the reading year.  I'm lucky that these were all good books.  I really loved All the Old Knives, The Valley and The Alphabet House; they all deal with war or espionage!  I can always count on Denis Johnson and Val McDermid for exciting reads, and they didn't disappoint.

Less than one book a week for these two months.  You can sure tell what my life was like, it was basically the pits, my husband passed away January 27th.  In comparison, I read 17 books, last year, for the same time period.
What are you reading?

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