August 15, 2014

June 2014 Reads

53 Carved in Bone Jefferson Bass
54 Under One Roof Barry Martin
55 The Painter Peter Heller
56 The High Divide Lin Enger
57 The Wolf Lorenzo Carcaterra
58 Sons and Princes James Lapore
59 The Fifth Man  James Lapore
60 Rooms Lauren Oliver
61 Third Rail Rory Flynn
62 The Right Thing Amy Conner
63 Go With Me Castle Freeman Jr.

 Carved in Bone is the first book I've read by Jefferson Bass.  I really enjoyed it.  Maybe because I'm a big fan of NCIS and CSI and Kathy Reichs, but I recommend it, the writing was really good.

Under One Roof:  Lessons I Learned From a Tough Old Woman In a Little Old House by Barry Martin.  This is a memoir about a friendship that grew out of what could have been adversarial circumstances.  Martin was the head of a construction project to build a huge mall, and Edith, the Old Woman, lived in a little house, in the way of progress.  Martin was determined to make the mall building as easy on Edith as possible.  He really set the bar high for himself and his men.  The is a fantastic read.

I read everything by Peter Heller and Lin Enger I can get my hands on.  The two I read this month did not disappoint.  These two are great writers and they don't write the same stories, over and over.  Just pick up one of their books, you won't be disappointed.

The Wolf by Lorenzo Carcaterra, is an unusual take on crime families.  The plot boils down to organized crime vs. terrorist.  While reading, I learned a lot I didn't know about these two factions.  Plus, The Wolf is a great story.

I read two more by James Lapore, Sons and Princes and The Fifth Man.  His writing is compelling and the books are hard to put down.  I recommend reading them in order, but that's up to you.

Rory Flynn, who wrote Third Rail is a debut author, the story takes off from page one and culminates in a startling finale.  It's a cop tale well worth reading.

What are you reading?

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  1. I really enjoy Jefferson Bass, is that a new one? I need to check my lists whenever you post these, LOL.
    Love the sign.


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