August 4, 2013

July 2013 Reads

Outside of a Dog

50 Songs of Willow Frost Jamie Ford
51 Let Him Go Larry Watson
52 Dirty Love Andre Dubus III
53 And The Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini
54 The Eye of God James Rollins
55 Into The Dark Rick Mofina
56 Night Film Marisha Pessl
57 Golden Boy Abigail Tarttelin

I read 8 books this month and only really loved one of them.  I started two other novels and stopped at 50 and 80 pages, just couldn't continue.  Books by my favorite authors didn't make the short list of the "loved" books.  It was a surprising month.

Golden Boy is the debut novel from Abigail Tarttelin.  Max Walker is a golden boy. Attractive, intelligent, and athletic, he’s the perfect son, the perfect friend, a wonderful big brother and the perfect crush for the girls in his school.  Everyone loves him.  Max has a secret that sets him apart from everyone, he's intersex.  The novel is beautifully written and very hard to put down.  Tarttelin deals with a difficult subject and the circumstances of the story with care and insight.

What are you reading?

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