April 8, 2011

New to you, author

Highway to Vengeance: A Thomas Highway Novel (Volume 1)

When Bob and I had our babies, we wished for healthy babies, we really didn't care about their gender.  We have two wonderful daughters, and feel very blessed.  We couldn't have chosen better, if we tried.

If I had to choose a son or two, I'd choose someone like my son in law, Ole and this author Brian Springer.  They're both great guys, intelligent, athletic, handsome and caring.  Over the years I've mentioned my SIL, a lot, on various blog posts, so this post is about Brian; who we call Springer, so does his wife, Kim!

Who is Springer?

Brian Springer has been writing fiction for more than ten years.  I met him when he was one of our managers at Barnes and Noble in Temecula.  Talk about a varied career path, he's also been a financial planner and a baseball player in the Spanish Professional League.   He's a really good writer and I've read and tried to help with the editing of many of his books.  He had a hard time getting published, many good authors find themselves in this position; and has decided to self publish.

Springer is SoCal guy and spent four years at the University of San Diego playing baseball. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and earned his MBA from USD.

Currently, the Springer and Kim live in Temecula, CA with their two children, 10-year old daughter Mikayla, and 8-year old son, Jake.

If you have a nook, buy Springer's book here.
For kindle users, here.
If you want the paperback version, it's here.

What is the book about?

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:

For fans of Dennis Lehane, Lee Child, and George Pelecanos:

When ex-Navy SEAL Thomas Highway's wife is murdered right in front of his eyes, he sets out to find the men responsible. His investigation leads to Ferdinand Montoya, the former kingpin of a powerful Mexican drug cartel, but before he can exact justice, the Department of Homeland Security steps in and orders him to back off.

Despite threats from the DHS, Highway presses on, and soon finds himself caught up in a conspiracy involving Weapons of Mass Destruction, underground cross-border tunnels, and a shady government agency intent on using Highway to execute their own agenda.

From the sun-drenched beaches of San Diego to the crime-ridden streets of Tijuana, HIGHWAY TO VENGEANCE combines a hard-boiled, neo-noir, first-person POV with modern thriller elements and a dash of real-life SEAL training to create a twisting novel that explores the darkness within us all, the lengths one man will go to avenge his lost love, and the very nature of revenge itself.
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