January 1, 2011

December 2010 Reads

101  Easy Prey, John Sandford
102  Lord of Misrule, Jaimy Gordon
103  Kind of Blue, Miles Corwin
104  You Know When the Men Are Gone, Siobhan Fallon
105  A Cool Breeze On The Underground, Don Winslow
106  Tomato Red, Daniel Woodrell
107  Agent X, Noah Boyd
108  Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal, Michael Van Rooy
109  Winters Bone, Daniel Woodrell
110  True Grit, Charles Portis

It was a great year for reading.  I discovered a "new to me" author that I love, Daniel Woodrell.  I read two of his books, this month and highly recommend them, and him.

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  1. Interesting book list. LOVE!!!! the t-shirt, Michael would go ape for it. So where can I find one?


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