June 19, 2010

The Virgin of Small Plains Nancy Pickard

This is truly an amazing novel. For seventeen years, a rural Kansas community has faithfully tended the grave of an anonymous teenage girl christened the Virgin of Small Plains. Some claim that strange miracles and healings have occurred. Slowly word of the legend spreads beyond their community..

But what really happened in that now-covered field almost 20 years ago, when her naked, frozen body was found. Why did one young man disappear the next day, leaving behind his girlfriend and best friend?

Now he's returned, reigniting tensions and awakening secrets. The three former friends must confront the ever-unfolding consequences of the night that forever changed their lives - and the life of their small town.

After you've read this, you won't be able to resist Pickards' newest, The Scent of Rain and Lightning. It's also fabulous.

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