June 3, 2010

May 2010 Reads

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
★★★The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco X. Stork
★★★The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard
★★★The Imperfectionist by Tom Rachman
Having Faithe in the Polar Girls' Prison by Cathleen With
The Poacher's Son by Paul Doiron
★★★Work Song by Ivan Doig
Huck by Janet Elder
Rules of Vengeance by Christopher Reich
★★★The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Lots of great books this month. I've starred my favorites and must reads. Ivan Doig, release is 6/29/10, and Michael Connelly, release is 10/5/10, have out done themselves. Nancy Pickard's The Scent of Rain and Lightning should be the first one you read and it's already released!

I'm a dog person, so I highly recommend Huck by Janet Elder. This very touching memoir will be released 9/28/10.

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  1. I had a strong feeling you sent Huck. Waht a great little book! I read it in two days and now my neighbor, another dog lover wants to read it. I am goingto see if Michael would like to read i too. I think it will touch his soft little heart. I'd love to know how many time we have lost a dog. Some we found and others are still out there somewhere. And I loved it that two of the characters were Michael and Jan. Thanks for sending it!

    We have friends that have a puppy named Huck. Hmmmm


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