February 4, 2010

January 2010 Reads

This is an all time low, for a month's reading for me; but I read some wonderful books!

★★★★★The Creed of Violence, Boston Teran
★★★The Princess of Burundi, Kjell Eriksson
★★★The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan
★★★★★Then Came the Evening, Brian Hart
★★★The Cruel Stars of the Night, Kjell Eriksson

I'm serious, all of these books are worth recommending. The Creed of Violence by Boston Teran was outstanding. Teran's writing reminded me of Cormac McCarthy, one of my favorite authors.
Then Came the Evening by Brian Hart, is a family drama written with unflinching honesty and restrained beauty. I couldn't get enough of it.
The Lightning Thief, is of course a children's book, but I wanted to read it before I gave it to Oden, who's 10. It was very good, and I think most kids will get the start of a classical education from it.
The Princess of Burundi of Kjell Eriksson; Eriksson is a "new to me", Swedish author. I loved this mystery, that's why I read The Cruel Stars of the Night.

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