February 21, 2009

That Went Well, Terrell Dougan

In this debut memoir Terrell Dougan writes with humor, humanity, and complete honesty. Funny, wonderful, horrible, happy, sad, touching, wise, breathtakingly honest, and compellingly readable are few words that aptly describe That Went Well. It’s a journey of over 60 years of two sisters – one who is developmentally handicapped and one, a who is full of spirit. Dougan shows us how much attitudes have changed and how she helped change some of those attitudes.

With heartache and humor, tenderness and honesty, Dougan inspires us to remember the kindness, joy, and grace that forever remain life's possibility.

I’ve come to love reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, written by newspaper people like Dougan. They always say what they need to say succinctly. I can name a few authors who could take lessons, as I’m sure most readers can.


  1. Just came upon your blog from 'Pink Dogwood'. I can see I need to set aside some time to come back and have a good read! I think I'll put 'That went well' on my wish list. Thank you.

  2. Oh my goodness~this is so unreal, in a way, that I find this today after you visiting me.

    I will most definitely get that book~I wrote a book about my brother's life (he was developmentally challenged also) so you can understand my interest. Pls don't mention this, however, on my blog~some of my readers know, some don't. If you think you'd be interested in reading mine, send an email to sally318@gmail.com~thanks!

    So glad I came here, Jan.


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