January 3, 2009

Life After Genuis by M. Ann Jacoby

In her debut novel, M. Ann Jacoby offers readers an extraordinary, thought-provoking, humorous plot. I found it hard to put down; it is very humorous and yet sad. People really can be cruel. The chapters are not in chronological order; they are mixed up--much like Mead's life.

Mead, the genius in the title, is an engaging character, with a wonderful sense of humor and an indomitable spirit. Other characters are also drawn well, eliciting strong responses. This is a truly moving story of a young man who is book smart, but struggling to find his way outside of the books. You'll find yourself cheering for and laughing with Mead as he struggles to find his place in the world.

This is the first time I've included a video; but I thought it gave great insight to the novel.


  1. I am thinjing a copy of this book is going to be placed in the pile beside the besd. Maybe even moved to the top of the pile. I love the way you described the book but i loved the author's story behind the book. What a great job you have. How do you get anything else done bedides reading? Enjoyed the video.

  2. This sounds like a great read, now on my-to-get-list! I enjoyed the video too.


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