June 3, 2008

Children's Books

Here is a short list of very good read-out-loud Children's Books. I highly recommend all four.

The Worst Best Friend - Alexis O'Neill

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever - Marla Frazee

The Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes - Mem Fox

Dodsworth in New York - Tim Egan


  1. Just stopped by to say hello. My daughter-in-law recommended the book "The Book Thief" so I'm hoping to pick it up today. Thanksd for visiting my blog often. Have a great week.

  2. Please do a post about your Book Expo trip. I would love to hear about it. I worked for Sam Wellers (2nd largest new and used bookstore- over 1 million in stock) for 10 years. Loved every minute and left owing them money.


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