April 11, 2008

Small Favor, Jim Butcher

This is the 10th novel in the Dresden Files. I reviewed the first one and have read the rest. They are all good. Often an author with a established series, just goes stale; but not Butcher, his most recent grabs you just the way the first one did. Did you know that Harry Dresden is the only wizard listed in the Chicago phone book? No? Well, find out what else you don't know. This series is outside my normal reading, it's fantasy, not the quasi-romantic bodice-ripper that a lot of fantasy novels are, but more he-man adventure fantasy. I usually read a series in the order written, it's not necessary. Jump right in.

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  1. I appreciate your comment on my recent blog. I'm always looking for "book" blogs to feed my habit.
    I actually feel no small amount of shame for the amount of books that I buy. Hope you'll visit again. I know I enjoy returning to yours.


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