April 28, 2008

the Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan

So, what is the Middle Place? According to Corrigan it’s where you find yourself when you’re both a parent and a child; what others have called the “sandwich generation”. I like Corrigan’s description better. This is not a sociology study, it’s a memoir; a memoir about her time dealing with breast cancer, but more than that, it’s a wonderful tribute to her fantastic father, George Corrigan. He is the reason she kept her maiden name, because she always loved when people asked, “Are you George Corrigan’s daughter?” No one would ask, if she’d taken her married name, it is as simple as that. She captures our hearts and teaches us something new about family, love, and yes, even death. A great read; a laugh and cry read, I loved it.


  1. Hey Jan,

    So glad the book found you. Thanks for mentioning it to your readers.


    Kelly Corrigan
    The Middle Place

  2. Both of your last two posts look interesting. I'll look forward to picking them up. Thanks for your recommendations.


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