March 23, 2008

The English American by Alison Larkin

I came across this book while I was doing front list (putting new books away) this week at the bookstore. First, the book jacket caught my eye, then the title. I put one aside for myself because it is Larkin's first novel, and I love to read an authors' first. Then an hour or so later a customer requested it, and raved about an interview she'd heard with Larkin on NPR.

This is a very good book; immensely readable and enjoyable. It is semi-autobiographical, both the author and our heroine, Pippa, were given up by American birth parents and raised by English parents. The English American is a comedic but heartfelt look at issues of identity, heredity and self-acceptance. I really did laugh and cry as I read it. Plus there's the bonus of a love story, or two or three woven in. The stories of her parents, both sets, are wonderfully done, and Pip's final love is all a girl could ask for.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is great. I'm interested in anything to do with books. Worked at a large independent bookstore for 10 years. Wonderful. I'm in the process of cataloging my 2500 books. Mind you I've sorted through them twice and the remaining ones are all necessary to my complete happiness. I'll be checking your posts several times a week and hope to leave comments most of the time.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, just come across your blog quite by chance, via Grand Life, as I'm new to blogs and blogging and an avid reader (and tea lover)had to check you it !
    Thanks for the great book reviews, I'll be back...
    My family is Anglo-French and ever since we almost moved to the US last year (for 3 years) I've developed an absolute fascination for your country...
    I never ever realised how similar yet how different we are (British/Europeans vs Americans)..!
    As for your post on Phillip Larkin's book, I'm sold (my daughter's name is Philippa -Pippa or pip for short - Small world we live in !!!) :)

  3. Hi, please forgive me for the "lapsus révélateur", as the French say (slip of the tongue), obviously the book is not by Phillip Larkin, the poet, but by Alison Larkin whose work I'm yet to discover...Please accept my sincerest appologies :)

  4. Hi it's a nice blog.I'm interested in anything to do with books.The great book reviews, I'll be back...
    My family is Anglo-French and we almost moved to the US last year. I've developed an absolute fascination for your country...Thanks


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