February 26, 2008

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

– I’m very selective about the Young Adult titles I read, but I decided to see what this phenomenon is all about. First, let me say it’s a think book, nearly 500 pages, but in reality it’s a short-thick book. If it were normal sized and they lost all the blank areas, it’d be closer to the norm of 300 pages. So don’t hesitate to pick it up. It’s a good read for all ages. Since the main character is a female, the people who read it are females. But these are not all teenagers; all ages of women are reading it, from young teens to grandmothers. I enjoyed it so much I’ll be finishing the next two in the series, so I can be up to date when the 4th is released in August. Barnes and Noble already has enough pre-orders that it’s #4 in sales, as of today.


  1. I lOVE this series and I'm 29, well, almost 30 ;)

  2. Did you notice that you titled this post "Twilight", which is the first book in this series, but show a photo of "Eclipse", which is the third book in the series. I really loved the first book but have refused to buy and read the next two books because for some reason the publisher is doing some wierd thing where the second book is still not in paperback. Not sure why that decision was made, since the third book has long been out, but it annoys me. I may break down and order the second book by ILL at our library. If you liked this YA, you might also enjoy Tithe by Holly Black.

  3. Oh, and I suppose it's helpful to point out that I haven't been a "young adult" for MANY decades!


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